Hvað meinarðu með „afmæli“?

Þessar kisur skilja ekki hvað er átt við með „afmæli“ þegar verið er að fagna deginum þeirra. Frekar skondnar myndir!

1. These kitties who fell asleep before the punch was served.

2. This cat who wishes that all of you would shut up and stop singing.

3. This kitty who will not fall for your trickery. This is no gift, this is standard mealtime.

„Ég læt ekki rugla í mér, þetta er máltíð, ekki gjöf!“

4. This cat who is not amused by you mocking him with pastries.

5. This cat who feels that these decorations are tasteless.

6. This kitty who is completely confused as to what's going on...

7. These cats who do not find any of this the least bit amusing.

„Æi vá! En hvað þetta er skemmtileg veisla!“


8. This Grumpy Cat who so hates you right now (but will stick around for cake).

9. This lovely lady who would much rather tear everything down and play with it.

10. This fur baby who is about to pounce on and destroy this cupcake. All systems are a go.

11. This cat who is plotting how to destroy everything you love.

12. This kitty who feels that all of this fuss is wholly unnecessary.

„Jú þetta er æðislega gaman!“

13. This cat who is convinced that humans are thoroughly stupid creatures.

14. This cat who demands that you feed him now and cease all shenanigans.

15. This cat whose expression says it all...