Linda lýsir eftir föður sínum sem er Englendingur og var hér á landinu á 8. áratugnum:

My name is Linda Rut and I am born in August 1989. I am looking for my father. I know that he stayed in Iceland in the years 198? until 1989. He stayed in Sudavik wich is a little fishing village in Iceland. He is British and born around 1959. His name is Richard Guildford and it is possible that he attended art school after moving from Iceland 1989.
I hope facebook can help me get to know my father and my origin. For many years I’ve searched for him without any result so my final attemt is now and i can only hope that by reaching out through facebook i will find him.

Please help me in my search and share this post.

I only have one picture of him, he is about 29 years old in this photo and i hope I am doing the right thing by posting it

Thank you.
Linda Rut